D I X I E   H A R D I N


About Dixie 

​​Dixie Hardin. Wife and Mother. Worship Leader and Servant. Child of the Most High King.

Her name alone makes a person automatically think of someone surrounded by music. With a father who was not only in a rock band, but also made guitars and a mother who sang in church, Dixie is definitely not a stranger to the world of music. She, herself, started singing on the platform as a young girl and has never stopped. “Perhaps I was born singing”, says Dixie. However, life hasn’t always been a fairytale musical for Dixie. She has had to overcome tragedies such as abuse, neglect, and loss, including the divorce of her parents. Heartache is nothing new to Dixie, “At the age of nine, both my brother and father were killed just three months apart in tragic events. I remember shouting the words, ‘I was NOT created for this pain.” recalls Dixie. “Pain carried over into my teen and adult years. My hard choices lead me as far away from God as you can imagine. Dealing with a broken heart, using all of the antidotes the world provided just lead me to more brokenness, sin, and shame.” Thankfully, that isn’t the end of her story.

Today she can proudly proclaim, “God, in all of His love and mercy pursued me relentlessly. I am on the other side of brokenness now, serving a Maker who is worthy to be shared. I am a woman of Faith! A woman who walked a hard path, who made hard choices, and who has ultimately been redeemed by God.” Dixie strives to help people place their trust in God to make the impossible possible. As she has so eloquently stated, “God will never take away your gifts or calling. If you haven’t reached them yet, you haven’t caught up to God yet.” So keep on reaching!